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JCLC Caregiving Committee meeting

All are welcome! The Livable Community Caregiving Committee addresses the shortage of caregivers who provide basic care in the home, including both formal caregivers (certified nursing assistants, certified medication aides, restorative aides, homemaker health aides) and informal caregivers (non-certified aides, spouses, children, grandchildren, neighbors). 

Help solve the caregiver shortage.
We are seeking others interested in exploring ideas and creating solutions to: 

  • Individuals interested or employed as a caregiver in an assisted living or nursing facility. 
  • People interested in the care of individuals requiring assistance on a regular basis. 
  • Directors of agencies providing care to individuals on a regular basis who have found or are looking for solutions to finding and hiring caregivers. 
  • Community college instructors, family members, etc. 

JCLC Caregiving Committee Meeting

Tuesday, October 1, 2019, at 1:30pm

Room 202A, Johnson County Health & Human Services Building


The Livable Community Caregiving Committee typically meets bimonthly on the first Tuesday of each month at 1:30pm in Room 202A of the Johnson County Health & Human Services Building, 855 S. Dubuque Street, Iowa City. If you are interested in joining the Caregiving Committee, please contact the committee chair or attend a meeting. 
Questions or to confirm meetings, email the 2018-19 Chair, Maria Donohoe (

2019 Meetings
February 5
April 2
June 4
August 6
October 1
December 3
February 4, 2020
     subject to change without notice – confirm details with the committee chair


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