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Iowa City Darwin Day: Free Feb 22 & Feb 23

Welcome to Iowa City Darwin Day, a grand celebration of science and its many contributions to humanity! 

As in previous years, this year we welcome a slate of world-renowned scientists who will share their research in a series of professional seminars and public talks. All events are free and open to the public.

For a complete schedule of events, click here.

Friday, February 22
Kollros Auditorium, Biology Building East
2:30PM Reception
3PM Health and Survival in the Context of Medieval Mortality Crises. Sharon DeWitte
3:45PM Predicting Streptococcus pneumoniae Evolution After Vaccine Introduction. Marc Lipsitch
4:30PM Intermission/Reception
4:45PM Evolutionary Stability, the Apical Brain Enigma, and Exuberant Divergence. Nicholas Strausfeld
Saturday, February 23
Macbride Auditorium, MacBride Hall
9AM Coffee and pastries
9:30AM Odd Animal Eyes: Insights into Evolution and Biotechnology. Jeanne Serb
10AM Time Traveling: What Our Brains Share with the Brains of Beetles. Nicholas Strausfeld
11AM Using Evolution to Fight Superbugs. Marc Lipsitch
12PM Past and Present Emerging Infectious Diseases. Sharon DeWitte
1PM Darwin's Birthday Party in the Hageboeck Hall of Birds
3PM Screening of the movie Contagion and discussion with Sharon DeWitte at FilmScene.